A Wise Time-Management Idea for Freelancers


So many mornings I started off with a To-Do list full of good intentions … but then I would open my e-mail, FaceBook, or some other social media, and one client e-mail or interesting article, led to another, and another. Before I knew it, I would’ve wasted more time online than I had to spare.

It’s so easy to do, right?

My latest strategy to keep me from wasting too much precious time online involves the cute little blue owl pictured above. This owl is actually a 60-minute timer. I twist his little whooty-owl head around to the amount of time I want to spend on any task, and he dings when my time is up. I still create or review my To Do list for the day each morning. I then prioritize the top three things I want to make sure I want to accomplish that day, and then set the owl timer before opening my e-mail or check FaceBook. I can do this as much or as little as I want to during the day to stay on task.

I’ve even used it to do a house-cleaning / laundry break when that happened to be on my personal to-do list for the day. [Not all things on the list are business related – depending on the week.]

Now, I realize you don’t have to use an owl to try out this form of time-management. You could likely download a timer app, or even go old-school and use whatever timer you already have on your stove. Whatever you decide to use to try this method, I highly recommend that you make it fun so that you will stick with it. My new little owl buddy was around $7 on Amazon when I bought it for myself on my last birthday. [I’m sure he’s more than earned that back by now. I should probably give him a name … Any ideas?]

What about you? What method(s) do you use to keep yourself on task?


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